Yesterday, I played badminton with my colleagues. I remember when I was young, I often played badminton with my father. He was a member of the badminton club in his office. So he brought my brother and me to the court at his workplace, and taught us how to play badminton. Since I preferred sedentary activities, like reading books or playing computer games at that time, I felt that I was unwillingly forced to practice badminton. When I reached to the age of increasing academic pressures, I didn't play badminton for a long time. However, yesterday my colleagues invited me to play badminton after work. Finally, after many years I had the chance to play it again. Surprisingly, I found that my body still remembered how to react, how to swing the racquet. On the other hand, because of a lack of exercise, my muscles were so weak. Sometimes, I could not run fast enough to catch the ball. Even so, I felt I was nimble enough to play decently. All thanks my parents who gave me the opportunity to experience a rewarding exercise. It also reminded me of the memories of playing badminton with my father. The childhood's memory became so overwhelming. I really want to play badminton with my father once again. Unfortunately, my father is old now, and not fit enough to do intense exercise anymore. Suddenly, a kind of sadness came to my mind. Why was I so reluctant to play badminton at that time? I wished I could have presented a better attitude at that time.

But I comforted myself and I realized should not dwell in the past anymore. Though my father might not be able to play badminton with me, he can still do other exercises with me. Now, it is my turn to accompany with him. And this time I hope to give him a happy memory.

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